The Big Reveal : Facelift, Boob Job, Tummy Tuck & Hair Extensions!

My blog has been nagging the living the shit out of me for a while now. I can barely go two months without moving furniture around, yet my blog has been exactly the same since I started it. She was a hot mess. There are 252 posts on here, none of which you could find because there were no proper menus, tags, or navigation. So I got this idea to update my blog. It would be fun! So easy, just pick a new theme! Hooray!

Well, after performing 24 hours of surgery on her, recreating categories (boob job) and then re-categorizing every post (tummy tuck), and then adding a featured image to every post (facelift) and building new menus (hair extensions) here’s what I’ve got. A blog with a complete makeover.

This new site is awesome. One of the easiest and coolest features is that you can scroll down infinitely through all 226 posts, each with a photo and a lead it. Just click on “Home” in the top menu. This way, if you were stuck in bed for a week with nothing better to do, you could start at the beginning and read every post ever written in order. Go ahead, I dare you.

Another vast improvement is the drop down menus on the top navigation. Imagine taking every junk drawer and closet in your house and throwing it all into a pile, then trying to organize it in a way that if you asked a total stranger to find you a light bulb, they would have absolutely no problem doing so. That’s right, I would like a gold star and a GOOD JOB! sticker for my hard work.Messy+Desk

So go ahead, scroll around, click on shit. Feel free to give me any feedback, positive or negative. Have a blast, I did it for you. You’re welcome.

40 replies

  1. This is great! Well done. You have the Jocelyn Wildenstein of blogs. But in a classy, refined, Hamptons madras plaid sort of way.

  2. I love it!! It looks so organized and shiny and shit. Can you do mine now? Ha ha. Really, it looks really good. I like your theme choice. I didn’t how you could scroll to see all posts, but I take your word for it. That’s pretty cool.

  3. Scruffy,
    My hand almost jumped at my iPad’s screen to click the Boob link you replied to Dave’s comment with. I could go on and on about your boobs, but I’m trying to keep my creep factor below 50% for 2014 (burning a few points with this reply, but what the hell).

    Just tell me where you suspect most of my juicier comments lay . . . if you say Boobs I’ll risk a look. 🙂

  4. Chic and foo-foo without the valet parking. Seems like there should be some of that Asiatic-trance-vibe going on with some passed hors doeuvres going on at the Home page. But not vegan ones, please. Love the look. Makes me want to piledrive the homestead and put up a minimalist lemonade stand.

    Cheers 🙂


  5. It’s gorgeous and I can appreciate every neurotic and tedious amount of work to make it look so good and be so organized. Damn, you deserve a break. Your picture is beautiful too! But wait, you have no where to go but down! lol Jayne

  6. She’s a knockout, Tracy. Now I’ll be able to catch up on the posts I’ve missed pre-follow. I still need to update my blog’s tampon packaging facade – you’ve inspired me.

    • Thank you, it was a lot of work, but I’m really glad it’s done. It’s like purging. I would suggest, however, that before you click “select theme” that you have all your shit together behind the scenes. I did not do this, so it went live and it was a hot mess and I was scrambling to get everything placed and organized correctly. Get all your categories and tags straight first…it will save you a lot of insanity.

      • I waffle between too busy and too minimal. I’m a designer, but have just not taken the time to really make the look my own. Thanks for the tips – I need to clean things up anyway. I like your look – fresh and still very readable.

  7. Funny post! We come into sobriety with our wounded ways, immaturity one of the dominate characteristic. I found that unsettling to learn about myself two years into sobriety.

  8. Can I ask you something, are you always so funny. I thought you meant you got yourself fixed up and were gonna let us see haha, though your site looks cool

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