It’s All Good!

Today I hit the road with my other half for the All Good Festival in Thornville, Ohio. Seriously, neither of us have done the camping/music festival thing in 20+ years, and it feels like we’re 6 and it’s Christmas morning. 3 nights of camping, and live music from 9am-3am…this is totally how I used to roll, but its been a while. It will also be a totally new and awesome kind of experience, because for the first time, I will be doing it drug free and sober. Who woulda thunk? I wonder what the youth of America are up to these days, and I’m excited to float around in the center of a sweaty bowl of love, energy, and patchouli soup.

All Good 2012

All Good 2012

Anyway, in honor of the event, I’m reposting this very appropriate piece of my past that I hope to reconnect with this weekend.

Enjoy, I know I did!

The Summer of ’89 Part 1

The Summer of ’89 Part 2

The Summer of ’89 Part 3 – Love The One You’re With

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  1. YES!! Primus – getcher boogie on. North Mississippi All Stars – getcher kick back on. Leftover Salmon – getcher bluegrass on. Dark Star Orchestra – getcher hula hoopin’ on. I could go on and on… no time for sleep. Have fun, lady. Sober camping and shows is more fun that you’d think. You don’t waste near te amount of time being lost and looking for your tent. If I could survive it pregnant and camping anyone can!! 🙂

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