renaming shapewear

My Ex Will Be There!

High School Reunion!

Mexican Restaurant!

Family Portrait!

Weight Watchers, Sike!

Going To A Maroon 5 Concert!

My Children Used To Live Inside Me!

Post Baby Happy Hour!

Post Divorce Happy Hour!

Fuck That Bitch!

Bridesmaids Dress!!

27 replies

  1. Tub Stuffin’ Mid-Section Bank Robber.

    High Density Thigh Ropers.

    When Making Sense Just Doesn’t Make Sense.

    I Can’t Feel My Legs.

    Calf Herders.

    Hot Linoleum Dive Gliders.

    Carcrashian Influx Slash Can’t For Nothin’ Give-a-damners.

    Steamroller, Baby.

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