holiday craft instructions : part 2


Materials list: 2 gallon sized Ziploc bags, 2 large bags of cotton balls, 1 red Sharpie marker.

Nothing beats toasty warm feet on a blustery winter day. This is a gift that will be treasured particularly amongst the seniors on your list. First, open both bags of cotton balls, careful not to mix them together. Take out the contents of the first bag of cotton balls and stuff them into one Ziploc bag. Next, take the contents of the second bag of cotton balls and stuff them into the other Ziploc bag. Zip both of the bags shut, and with a red Sharpie, write “LEFT” on one bag, and “RIGHT” on the other.

How wonderful!

Watch Great Aunt Margret slip into a relaxed and joyful paralysis as she slips off her shoes and inserts her chilly feet into these warmers. The smile on her face is well worth the $2.46.

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  1. Substitute pipe cleaners for people you don’t really like— or a recipient that has everything (probably better than the Q-tip for emergency TP).

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